How Drywall Repairs Are Done

The brief demonstration here shows how a large hole in the drywall is repaired. But do note that similar principles and practices apply to drywall repair lexington ma work that will be applied to those small, usually unseen nicks that could become a lot worse if not attended to. Anyway, the drywall technician needs to begin by measuring the thickness of the existing drywall. For the purposes of fixing a large hole, he may be utilizing a large scrap from an already damaged wall stored elsewhere in his workshop.

This specimen will be cut to size. It will then be screwed into place. Screws will be placed at distances of six inches apart. Edges of patched drywall is taped to create invisibility. For patching work, a paper tape roll and a tub of drywall compound will be required. Should drywall repairs be extensive, twenty-minute setting compound will be required. This compound hardens quickly and does not shrink.

This compound will also be ideal for the filling of cracks and gaps before joint tape is applied. A coat of compound and tape is applied to each joint. The compound is thinned slightly with water for the purposes of embedding the tape. The tape will be smoothed out with a six-inch knife. Some of the compound will be squeezed out from under the tape. This ensures that large humps are not created on the wall.

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After that a light coating will be applied to the topside of the tape. Second, and third coats will be used to blend and smooth taped joints, again to help create invisibility. After each coat is dried a straightedge is used to check for dips and bumps. Should these occur, they will be knocked off with the taping knife.